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This is the Three Bakers story

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Three Bakers is a small craft baking company that exclusively bakes gluten free food including breads, pizzas, hamburger buns, hot dog buns and stuffing mix. Three Bakers' breads & pizzas are available nationally at grocery and natural food stores around the USA.

"We take great pride in the quality of our products which are produced under the supervision of our founding partner and head baker, Dan Trygar."

Dan and his wife Jane began selling their gluten free baked goods at her father’s family bakery in Scranton, PA. after Jane was diagnosed with celiac’s disease in  2001.  Jane like many others with celiac disease suffered significantly until she received the proper diagnosis and eliminated gluten from her diet.


Dan and Jane at the Three Bakers gluten-free bakery.

Having grown up as a baker’s daughter she had more than the usual love for her baked goods and was devastated to learn that she had to avoid them. After trying few of the then available gluten free breads and buns and finding them frankly horrible, she asked her husband to try making some.

At first Dan didn’t think it was possible to even make gluten free breads because they’re made from wheat whose main ingredient is gluten and the very limited resources at the time. But he tried. And, he failed. But he kept experimenting with every grain and baking process that he could find that might mimic the texture and taste of wheat based baked goods.

Finally after many months of trial and error, Dan developed a recipe that Jane liked and they began selling their gluten free breads and baked goods at the family bakery.

Sales took off and they decided to go out on their own. They purchased some breads ovens and began their company, The Grainless Baker (less grain) out of their basement. Their sales continued to grow from word of mouth until they built a plant near their hometown. In 2011 they formed a partnership to help take their breads national and the Three Bakers brand was created. The three bakers being Jane’s father, Jane and Dan.

Along with the creation of the new brand name, Three Bakers, they innovated with two unique breads, 7 Ancient Grain and Rye Style, and three complete pizzas; cheese, pepperoni & sausage.


The team was also very concerned with nutrition which had been the biggest criticism of gluten free baked goods. To address that concern, all Three Bakers products are made with whole grains and are high in fiber.

They also take pride that unlike other gluten free breads, Three Bakers’ breads taste great even without toasting.

Over the next several years,  mainstream grocers and natural food retailers across the USA began selling Three Bakers products out of their freezers and consumer demand continued to grow.

Today, because consumers desire more variety and healthy alternatives, Three Bakers is introducing two new breakthrough breads: MaxOmega , which is naturally high in Omega 3 ALA and an excellent source of fiber and Great Seed bread, which is made with 7 different seeds and provides a good source of Omega 3 ALA and an excellent source of fiber.

Today even with much higher sales, the breads are still made in the same way they were at Jane’s family Bakery and Dan still ensures the highest quality while he formulates new products.

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