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The Fourth of July is Over - Get Your Body Back in Shape Now!

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The fourth of July is over and you really want to be ready for summer. You’ve been exercising and eating well, steadily losing pounds, when all of a sudden, STOP! The scale seems stuck day after day. According to experts from the American Dietetic Association, you have likely hit a plateau. Nearly everyone trying to lose weight experiences a phase when the scale needle will not budge and there are still a few pounds to go. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to losing those last few pounds is in your mind. People find many reasons to excuse the extra weight. The truth is that they don’t know what to do.

Try to melt those last few pounds using some of the following tricks for getting the scale to budge.

1. Eat smaller meals more often. From a metabolic standpoint, how often you eat may not matter in terms of your body’s ability to burn calories, but in terms of how satisfied you feel, it can make a difference. Eating at regular intervals helps keep blood sugar levels up. This makes it easier to stick to a lower calorie diet. Eat six mini meals of complex carbohydrates with a small amount of protein and fat. The protein and fat, which digest slower, will give you longer lasting energy while the carbs will get burn quickly for a quicker burst of needed energy.

2. Add calories. No, that’s not a mistake. Adding calories may be just what your body needs to take off those last stubborn pounds. When you drastically reduce the amount of food you consume (such as when you’re trying to lose weight and on a very restricted diet), your body quickly learns to adapt which triggers starvation mode. Instead of losing weight, you are spinning your wheels by just burning calories more efficiently. Try increasing your calorie intake by about 200 calories per day for a week and see what happens. Nutritional experts do not know exactly why eating a little more calories flips off the starvation switch. But for some people, it works. Perhaps, by giving your body the extra energy it needs, it allows it to let go of the extra pounds.

3. Exercise. Burn some calories in just one hour. Regular physical activity is an essential component to maintaining muscle and healthy weight. Health experts recommend at least 30 to 60 minutes of moderately intense activity five or more days a week.

Consider the following facts for person weighing 170 pounds:

•    1 hour of jogging burns 540 calories.

•    1 hour of aerobics burns about 460 calories.

•    1 hour of walking burns about 310 calories.

•    1 hour of weight training burns about 260 calories.

To lose weight, increase the duration and intensity of your exercise plan, eat a healthy diet, and cut back your portions. If you double your exercise intensity, you will double the rate at which you burn calories – both fat and carbs.

4. Try diet pills to increase your body’s ability to burn fat. FENFAST 375 has quickly become the top choice among Intechra Health customers, receiving the best diet pill reviews for effectiveness and value. This weight loss supplement is a clinically proven fat burner and appetite suppressant. Combined with immediate energy release, it makes a great choice for all types of dieters regardless of how much weight you want to lose. With a formula that includes industry-leading thermogenic compounds, proven with scientific studies to increase your body's ability to burn fat, FENFAST 375 will help you in your effort to drop the pounds and to overcome your struggles with hunger or a lack of energy.

3G BURN is a more recent addition that has exploded its way into the Intechra Health product line.  Its ingredients list is made of the highest quality versions of some of the hottest natural substances currently available.  These “3Gs” are green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia fruit extract, and green tea leaf extract.  These, in combination with the rest of the formula, support the development of a healthful balanced diet while keeping up with fitness-appropriate exercise.

TRIMTHIN X700 is the most intense formula, meant for people who want to power up and take their active lives into their own hands, for greater control over their eating habits while achieving their best performance during workouts. Each product is sold with access to articles, advice, fitness videos, nutrition, and fitness tracking tools. Online discussion forums are also available for customers to discuss their health and weight management experiences and concerns in a supportive and encouraging environment. These additional resources are provided because Intechra Health believes that the right understanding, tools, and support are key to the safety and effectiveness of any product and weight management strategy.  It is with great pride that the company continues moving forward in leading the nutraceutical industry and standing on a strong foundation built by the thousands of people it has already helped to live healthier and longer lives.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast. If you skip breakfast to save calories, that’s a big mistake. Because you’ve been fasting for at least 8-12 hours before morning, breakfast is essential to jump-starting your metabolism. According to an article published by the Mayo Clinic, people who skipped breakfast had lower metabolic rates throughout the entire day than those who ate breakfast suggesting that your body will burn fewer calories all day, even if you exercise and eat right later. Other studies have found that people who skip breakfast never make up those lost nutrients during the day.

6. Pick the right diet. Going on the cabbage soup diet or the grapefruit diet is not the way humans were meant to eat. These are crash diets that rely on eating one or two foods to lose weight fast but cannot be sustained. Consider a diet plan that is long-term and supplies your body with essential nutrients. This method may be slower and take longer to see results; however, you are more likely to keep the weight off once you’ve reached your weight loss goals.

About company

Intechra Health is an American-based company that is rapidly making its way into leading the nutraceutical industry.  Among the main factors contributing is Intechra Health’s exceptional commitment to using the highest possible standards for ingredient selection and quality as well as product labeling and product safety. 

Since February 2013, Intechra Health has been researching, formulating and selling high-quality weight management products while underscoring the vital importance of taking a healthy approach to lifestyle changes. It has the utmost respect for the time and needs of its customers and strives to provide them with not only superior products but also a wealth of knowledge about weight management and how to achieve it in a realistic and healthy way. 

The company takes an innovative approach to the development of its range of health and weight management products as well as in the spectrum of resources it provides its customers.  This, in combination with its devotion to assisting its customers in improving the quality of their lives, has allowed it to gain recognition as being among the most advanced nutraceutical companies.

Their range of products includes Flagship, FENFAST 375, as well as 3G BURN and TRIMTHIN X700. Each Intechra Health product is made with pride in the United States. Manufacturing is done exclusively in a cGMP certified facility, which adheres to rigorous quality and safety measures to ensure that customers always receive the best product available.  It is through this type of stringent practice and solid, outstanding customer support that Intechra Health proves that it is a company that promotes a healthful approach to weight management above all else. 

The complete range of Intechra Health product options allows many to find something appropriate to his or her health and lifestyle needs and expectations.  The company recognizes that no single weight management solution could ever work for every person. Therefore, Intechra Health has addressed this need by moving beyond a single offering and into selling a line of products, each with their own unique focus.

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