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Healthy living is essentially a choice we make, a way of life that we underscore with our best interests at heart. Of course, there are many things that may knock and nudge us off-course a little but we can mindfully get ourselves back on track when we maintain focus on our wellness goals. We can choose to make each day a healthy day when we empower ourselves to do so. So what does this mean? It means that we take responsibility for our health, which encompasses staying active, eating as well as possible, and maintaining good hydration levels these are the fundamentals. Our body is on borrowed time, the more we can take care of it right now, the better it will serve us for tomorrow. For instance, by age 60, our ability to produce collagen will decrease by around 50%!

Our muscles, joints, bones, and ligaments are all designed to move, so we need to support and strengthen them through movement and activity. Here we note a few ways you can make each day a healthy day!

Staying Motivated

Our motivation will sometimes suffer a downturn, we won’t always feel like exercising or we may opt to for a takeaway instead of a home cooked healthy meal. It’s OK to miss the odd gym session, or treat yourself to an indulgent dessert…the main thing to focus on is to not let these odd occasions actually turn into habitual behaviors. We will be motivated to do the things that we love to do, so whether it is running, dancing, walking, or yoga it doesn’t matter if it gets you moving, helps to strengthen your bones, joints, muscles, then go for it! Set yourself achievable, realistic goals and heartily work toward them, writing things down helps us to commit and hone our skills towards hitting those little fitness-fueled milestones.


One small change

If we try to change too much too quickly then we will fall and fail as we revert back to our default setting of comfort. Small changes that you make to your fitness routine, nutrition, skin care regimen or anything else often serve you far better long term. Change is ultimately a shift in your mindset…something that says you are not content where you are, and this is what you will do each day to take one small step to where you want to be. Rather than chasing big changes with no foundation or mind shift at the heart of them, tweak your vision to the small, seemingly tedious adaptations that you can make.

Each day should be about doing what we love…only better! SaltWrap embraces this vision as part of their core mission. SaltWrap, co-founded by Brendan Hall is a small, tight-knit group of fitness trainers and exercise therapists. In their exercise therapy practice, they work with clients on all sides of the spectrum—from elite athletes to injured weekend warriors and post-surgery rehab clients. Their specialty is helping clients overcome injuries, pain, performance barriers, and movement problems so they can get back to doing what they love—be it playing tennis, rock-climbing or just being able to hike through the park pain-free.

While their exercise therapy practice is still at the core of who they are, it doesn’t allow them to reach as many people as they’d like. So in 2011, SaltWrap.com was launched. SaltWrap.com is a platform for creating and sharing therapeutic fitness information and tools.

An epidemic of adrenal fatigue and burnout was evident in their clients and there wasn’t a good, natural option out there to help deal with their muscle pain and cramps. So instead of creating a product with tons of stimulants, artificial ingredients, and minimal dosages like they were seeing in the market, they set out to create a solution that would incorporate the best nutrients they had observed in scientific studies.

SaltWrap created a natural formula to use in the evening for relaxation and recovery. The perfect blend of natural minerals and clinically-proven herbs to help you wind down (“take the edge off”), relax those tense muscles and get healthy, uninterrupted sleep.


And so, Mag R&R was born!

Magnesium Glycinate, a highly-bioavailable form of magnesium is at the root of this formula. It acts as a natural muscle relaxer that helps relieve muscle tension, cramps and pain for better sleep. Partnering with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)Certified Manufacturer in the U.S., SaltWrap realized they could reach more people online than would ever be possible in their exercise therapy practice. They’re still trainers and fitness therapists at heart, but SaltWrap.com is now their main focus.

So, what does “SaltWrap” actually mean?

The name “SaltWrap” came from an old protocol used with clients that were suffering from joint tendonitis. Gauze wraps would be soaked in Epsom Salt and then wrapped around the client's elbow or knee up so the Epsom Salt would soak in. Just like an Epsom Salt bath, this method helps reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. The idea behind this protocol exemplifies what SaltWrap is all about. The “salt wrap” was designed to help their clients get through the pain, overcome their injury, and get back to exercising…of course!


What is SaltWrap working on now?

SaltWrap’s new product is a natural, low-carb coffee creamer—Joint & Muscle Creamer™. It’s the first collagen-based dairy-free coffee creamer formulated specifically to support healthy joints and muscles.

Unlike many collagen products that form a gel or don't mix well with liquid, this dissolves easily. Not only does it add a superior taste and texture to your morning coffee, it ensures you're getting maximum collagen absorption for rock-solid joints and muscles.

SaltWrap use only Solugel® brand hydrolyzed, beverage-grade collagen from grass-fed, pasture raised sources (Kosher certified collagen) and you'll really be surprised at how delicious and natural-tasting the flavor is Natural Italian Sweet Cream.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. Here are some more facts on collagen:

By supplementing with collagen, you can give your body the raw materials it needs to build strong, stable bones and joints—AND help maintain a healthy gut lining, immune system, and metabolism. While collagen protein provides the building blocks of healthy joints, muscles, cartilage and connective tissue (and nourishes the gut, skin, and metabolism)—the MCT's (Medium Chain Triglyceride fatty acids) in each serving of Joint & Muscle Creamer further support healthy inflammation levels and help relieve joint discomfort.

(Each serving of J&M Creamer supplies 5 grams organic coconut milk powder, equivalent to approximately 3.5 grams MCT's per serving).

This combination of high-quality collagen and MCT's from coconut make the perfect pairing for relieving overworked joints, reducing inflammation from over-training (exercise), and helping protect your joints against wear and tear.

  • Use Joint & Muscle Creamer™ is a perfect start to your day, giving your body a dose of healthy fats and protein first thing in the morning!

  • Put it in your coffee prior to hitting the gym.

  • Or just add it to your favorite hot beverage to support healthy joints and muscles.

SaltWrap’s mission is simple: To help you do what you love better, and help you reveal your best self without sacrificing your long-term health.

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