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Hemp - 'Most Helpful Plant'

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If there was an Academy Award given for 'Most Helpful Plant', Hemp would surpass Meryl Streep's number of wins. Many people are familiar with Hemp oil, Hemp protein and the many products that contain Hemp. However, what has rocked the nutritional world is the whole plant Hemp Extract with naturally occurring cannabinoids.The products of the hemp plant are wonderfully versatile. For generations, its seeds, oils and fibers have been used for various purposes. From construction, paper production, cloth making, to consumption as a great source of nutrition.Cannabinoids are a relatively new discovery. THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid from marijuana that is responsible for the 'high', was discovered in 1964. Other cannabinoids really didn't attract much attention and research until the 1980's. As of late, there have been over 110 different cannabinoids isolated and identified. Cannabidiol (CBD), the predominant cannabinoid in hemp, has shown to be the most therapeutic of all.


While the FDA restricts the public sharing of how natural substances can affect medical conditions, people sharing their testimonials are spreading like wildfire on social media. To better understand how cannabinoids are having such a profound effect on people's health, we are going to study the biological mechanism of action. Mammals, including humans, all produce cannabinoids internally and have specific receptors for cannabinoids. When a cannabinoid attaches to the receptor, it triggers a specific metabolic pathway, leading to some profound biologic effects. These include 1) modulation of the nervous system, 2) calming of an overactive immune system, and 3) stimulating improved cell-to-cell communication. The intake of cannabinoids can awaken a dormant Endocannabinoid System and make it fully functional. It is proving to be one of the most phenomenal natural supplements ever discovered.  For many people, it brings life-changing relief and the possibility of healing.

As a wellness and preventative measure, cannabinoids are proving to be a top adaptogenic. Adaptogens are substances that support the body in being more resilient and blocking a stress response. In an experiment done by researchers in Brazil, they measured the time a mouse could swim without stopping before it was overwhelmed with fatigue and stress. They found the average time to be just over 3 minutes. However, after a therapeutic dose of CBD, the time went up to over 6 minutes. There was a doubling of their capacity with just one dose.

The allopathic approach is to isolate and prescribe a plant's constituents in the form of a drug. The holistic approach is to utilize full plant extracts that provide a synergistic balance as is inherent in nature. We here at Irie CBD have formulated blends of plant extracts, which enhance particular qualities of the cannabinoids. One such product is IRIE CBD Stress Support. It includes CBD, as well as Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Maca, and Macuna. These four additional adaptogenic herbs have a long history of beneficial use. When combined, they are powerful modulators and stabilizers. We feel this blend, in particular, is good for people that are dealing with high stress or just a normal life as most of us know it. 

Our most powerful therapeutic blend is Irie CBD Lifeline. This blend combines the power of CBD with Frankincense, Ginger, and Sandalwood. These three essential oils potentiate and enhance the effects of CBD. Many people are using this product to support them with serious health conditions.

We also have two different gourmet chocolates that contain CBD. We offer a vegan, fair trade dark chocolate with Maca, Mucuna, Reishi, Lion's Mane and Royal Jelly. Our Milk Chocolate has Colostrum, Ghee, Maca, Mucuna and Royal Jelly. The only sweetener in our chocolates is Monk Fruit. It is a completely natural, non-glycemic sweetener that has its own therapeutic benefits.  

Is it really OK for something healthy to taste so good?

We also have a topical Pain Balm that we love. The base of our Pain Balm is Celadrin. Celadrin is a patented form of esterified fats, which have shown to be helpful in joint related problems. We add the Hemp extract to this base and the result is a top-notch topical balm. 

We are truly grateful to be part of bringing this amazing plant back to the people. We've been as surprised as anyone by the hidden healing power of cannabinoids in hemp. It has inspired us to do all we can to help legalize the use of this plant and to bring accurate information to the public. 

The bottom line is that Hemp supports true healing. And healing is a beautiful thing, something we don't take for granted, we know it is precious. We here at Irie are a principle driven company and we are delighted to offer these products for your family's benefit.

So, choose from our wonderful Gourmet chocolates, herb therapeutic blends, and topical balms and enjoy its amazing healing properties and success stories.

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