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Healthier snacks every day with ThinSlim Foods

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Snacks between meals are a great way to keep us going throughout the day to top up our energy reserves. They help us to refuel for that evening gym session, ignite us for our morning routine, and provide us with something yummy to set our taste buds alight! Snacking is healthy, as long as you choose healthy snacks! 

The trouble is, we often snack out of convenience, and so we grab the high-calorie cookies with the coffee, the salt-laden potato chips with the sandwich or salad at lunchtime…and then our best intentions toward better health inevitably falter.



Food is about choice, and we do have that luxury- to be able to choose what we eat. The better our choices, the healthier we shall be- it’s so simple when we strip things down.

So… that being said, declutter your digestive system of all the unnecessary junk by deciding to go one step further and think first, check ingredients, and opt for snacks that enhance your wellbeing rather than diminish it! Here are a few reasons to snack with healthy options at the forefront of your choices


You will maintain a healthier weight!

People that are attentive to what they eat and snack on are better able to manage their weight. Weight maintenance is essentially a balance of calorie intake and calorie expenditure. Bear in mind that we cannot “out-exercise” an unhealthy or overly indulgent diet, yes it’s true that those who exercise frequently can effectively burn more calories (even at rest) but an overload of saturated fats, salt, sugars, and processed foods will inevitably clog and disrupt your digestive system- thereby making it harder for your body to uptake nutrients from the food you eat. Any excess calories are stored as fat, and many of our excess calories are actually from an overload of sugar in the diet.


You will feel better and have more energy through the course of your day!

High sugar snacks create a sharp spike in glucose levels that very swiftly plummet. You may feel a rush of energy fairly quickly but that will crash leaving you feeling worse and in need of another sugar fix to raise your energy and lift your mood. Too much sugar increases the risk of Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and many other chronic conditions/diseases- it can also have a detrimental effect on brain activity and cognition. Sugar is also highly addictive- as are the artificial sweeteners commonly found in processed foods and snacks. Reframing your focus to fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds, raw veg, and snacks with natural ingredients can make all the difference to your energy levels, immune function, digestive processes, circulation, and also help you get a better night’s sleep!


Sharper Brain function and Better mood

Unhealthy and sugary snacks and drinks play around with our mood and brain function. As mentioned above, sugar is highly addictive, eventually, you will just want more of the same to maintain the “high” that sugar and artificial sweeteners give. This leaves your body and brain prone to anxiety, mood slumps, poor memory function, and increased stress, lethargy, and tension. Natural sweeteners like Stevia are far better for you and will not cause the same kind of “sugar rush” that refined sugars and artificial sweeteners do. Again, the natural sugars in fruit will not cause the same fluctuations- they will satisfy a sweet craving and provide you with nutrients too.

Healthier snacks help you take care of your body- better! Choose foods that are packed with fiber, a good level of healthy fats and protein, and carbohydrates that won’t cause the sugar spikes that can be so detrimental to your body.  This will keep your digestive system humming and your blood sugar levels steady.

You Can Get It Here!

ThinSlim Foods believe in better, and they have built their brand of snacks upon it! Here’s a peek at what they offer to help you snack healthier! ThinSlim Foods products are consistently the lowest in calories, carbohydrates, fat and the highest in fiber and protein – especially when compared ounce for ounce. 

The ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Bread is the leading low carb bread on the market. With zero net carbohydrates per slice, 7g of fiber, 7g of protein, only 45 calories, a Taste Satisfaction Guarantee and a No Blood Sugar Spike Guarantee, we can see why.

Or you could opt to take the brownie with only 2g of net carbohydrates, 40 calories, 8g of fiber, and 6g of protein.

These foods are high fiber, high protein, and also suitable for a KETO diet. To make it easy for people, ThinSlim Foods have even created a 50% off sample pack that includes a Taste Guarantee. ThinSlim Foods offer guarantees that most diet food companies and even companies that make products for diabetics would never think to offer (because they can't!) 

  • No Blood Sugar Spike Guarantee Due to the ingredients used to craft ThinSlim Foods, they safely guarantee that you won't experience a blood sugar spike from eating their products. 

  • Taste Guarantee They know their products taste good and they confidently guarantee it. If you don't like your ThinSlim product, contact them for a refund on up to 1 of each flavor/type of product.

  • Lab Testing ThinSlim Foods permanent products are independently lab tested. If any products have not yet been fully lab tested, they will indicate this on the product page and clarify how the nutritional information has been generated. 


Thin Slim’s Nutritional Profile:

The secret to making ThinSlim Foods products is using ingenious ingredients that are only of the highest quality. 

You Can Get It Here!

The ThinSlim Foods squares, brownies, and muffins are all:

  • 40-45 calories

  • 2g net carbs

  • Sugar-free

The Zero Carb Bread is here!

You Can Get It Here!

The ThinSlim Foods bread is all:

  • 60-90 calories per serving

  • 0g net carbs

  • High in fiber and high in protein

  • Sugar-free


ThinSlim Foods products are suitable for all diets including:

  • Atkins

  • Diabetics

  • Dukan

  • Low Carb

  • Ketogenic

  • South Beach

  • Weight Watchers and more!


These nutritious are so rare that there are no other companies with products that are so low in both calories and carbohydrates.  ThinSlim Food’s products are often 50-75% lower than even other "diet food" companies. 

Remember when comparing products to compare ounce for ounce, not based on the label. Some companies like to only give very small serving sizes to make it seem like their products are lower in calories than they really are. 


ThinSlim Food's only using Natural Sweeteners:

ThinSlim Foods pastry products are only sweetened with erythritol. Erythritol is the lowest calorie, natural alternative sweetener and has been shown to digest differently than other sugar alcohols (such as maltitol) such that it won't cause any GI distress (the runs).  

  • ThinSlim bread uses a small amount of Stevia (a natural sweetener similar to Erythritol.) 

  • No Maltitol: Most low carb and low-calorie bakery products are sweetened with maltitol. The reason is that maltitol is very inexpensive and easy to use.  The problem is that for most people, the addition of maltitol often has a laxative effect, hence the warning, "Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect." The cost for erythritol is 2-300% greater than maltitol or regular sugar.


You can taste the difference with ThinSlim Foods!

“Most diet food baked goods use whole wheat flour because it sounds healthy. Unfortunately, it isn't!  If you were to put flour, whole wheat flour, and our flours on a scale of "healthiness" with flour as a 1, whole wheat flour would be about a 5 and ours would be a 100. That is how drastically different these are!” said ThinSlim Foods.


* In partnership with our friend at ThinSlim Foods 

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