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Healing With Herbal Remedies!

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Turning toward healing through herbal remedies is on the increase. Many of us are becoming more aware of alternative medicines, including some from ancient times that prove very effective (depending upon the severity of the condition/illness being treated and how early it is dealt with). Perhaps the big business of pharmaceuticals has turned us off from conventional medicine, although it still has its purpose- just as natural medicine has. Natural healing through herbal directives may take a little longer, whereas conventional medicine is primed upon a speedy resolution to pain, sickness, and other ailments. We are generally becoming more health and body awareness, at a time when the health and fitness industry is booming with tools and strategies to help us live more vibrantly and healthily, this infuses us with the impetus to make changes toward health, healing, and wellness. And if we can do this more naturally, then why shouldn’t we? Here we look at a few ways to use natural healing for your benefit.

1.    Essential oils

Essential oils can offer a multitude of health benefits and remedies. The term “oil” is a little misleading as they aren’t actually oils- these blends are highly concentrated plant constituents that hold powerful medicinal qualities. The beauty of essential oils is that they can very easily be blended together in order to produce something that is applicable to you and what you seek to gain from it. Essential oils vary in strength; some are toxic if ingested so this is something to be mindful of. Adequate research and following instructions for that particular oil is the best way forward to incorporating essential oils as part of a health regimen or to remedy an ailment. Essential oils have safely been used for thousands of years and can aid us in better sleep, increased energy, soothing of skin conditions, and boosting our immunity. They are liquid soluble so they can get to work fairly swiftly…ensure you choose purity over price; “fragrance oil” is not the same as essential oil.

2.    Fighting Foods

What we heal internally is reflected outwardly. A strong and substantial diet based on foods mega-rich in nutrients is how we repair and replenish our body. Food is naturally and inherently healing, it is through vitamins and minerals that our body is able to do what it does. We can choose foods that fail us or we can choose ones that help us to combat medical conditions and chronic ailments. Ensuring we include a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and other natural goodies means we set ourselves up internally for better health. Natural topical or ingested treatments alongside improved eating habits can provide a stable foundation for enhanced well-being. The continued rise of life-changing diseases such as cancer means the time to change is always now.

We can seek out cures and preventative remedies when we focus on a broad spectrum of what is available to us and is backed by evidence of its potential to heal. Added to this is the reduced consequence of side effects that we commonly experience with conventional medicine. Few online merchants have blazed as striking a presence in support of natural remedies on the internet as Alpha OmegaLabs (AOLabs).

They launched their first website in September 1995, the company has been online for 22 years. The company is probably best known for the introduction of Cansema®; a product that introduced the online community to “escharotics” – an ancient and time-tested approach to removing malignancies that dates back at least 500 years. (The company provides a detailed history in the first two chapters of Meditopia®). Today, there are scores of companies worldwide that sell imitations of their Black Salve, as a result.

Cansema® Black Topical Salve: By the very definition used by orthodox medicine, Cansema® is empirically a proven cure for skin cancer for the majority of those who use the product according to Alpha Omega Lab instructions.

  • Available in 22g or 102g

  • The original Cansema® Salve formula (ingredients, percentages, and manufacturing methods) has evolved over time, largely to improve performance and minimize pain management issues. 

  • The current ingredients of the original formula are, listed in order by weight: zinc chloride (ZnCl2), chapparal (Larreamexicata leaf [contains active principle: NDGA (nordihydrogauaretic acid, 17% by weight)]), glycerine (used as a humectant, to keep the product moist), Graviola leaf extract (distilled water, Annona muricata), oleander leaf extract (distilled water, Nerium oleander), and sanguinaria root powder (Sanguinaria canadensis).


Many products or product concepts that people take for granted today were first introduced by AOLabs. Alas was the first to introduce a complete Liver and Colon Cleansing System online, including the net’s first broad-spectrum robotic, Microflora Restore; the first to introduce the West to “Russian zappers” online; the first to introduce Logo’s Iodine online, a simple, effective, product that’s been around for over 180 years; the first to introduce scenery technology online with the Prologue, among other important developments in the bioelectronics modality; etc. Additionally, the Company makes available many hard-to-find health care products, some of which can be found nowhere else. One of its exclusively manufactured products, Calcium Sulfate Hydronium Solution (H3O), popular in the Far East, is used to treat eczema and psoriasis, among a variety of medical conditions.

In 2007, AOLabs reopened its offices in Guayaquil, Ecuador. After a high profile encounter with the U.S. FDA, which claimed that the company’s herbal products were “unapproved drugs” the company decided to move offshore. As company co-founder, Greg Caton, remarks: “We could clearly see that the regulatory situation in the States, as it pertains to natural products, was hostile. It had been moving in that direction for generations, and, in our opinion, was only going to get worse. Since we sell products all over the world – retail, wholesale, private label – in many different jurisdictions with different laws, we had to find a place to operate which was not inimical to the very things that we herbalists and naturopaths used to be able to do, unhindered and in every country, for thousands of years.”

Alpha Omega Labs: The Internet’s Natural Products Pioneer

AOLabs charges for its products, but not for the consultations with its practitioners – either N.D. or M.D. Since in the view of AOLabs’ management, practitioners have to be able to operate without fear of prosecution, the change in jurisdiction was additionally justified. “If you sell natural products and you are hindered from providing professional advice on the use, applications, and contraindications of those products from experienced practitioners, you are placed in the position of potentially endangering the public,” Caton adds. The company has a wide variety of products available on its two sales sites: Herb Healers which ships directly to the U.S. and Canada; and Alpha Omega Labs which ships to all other countries. (The original site, Altcancer.com, remains a repository of the company’s work over the past 27 years.)

For general inquiries, AOLabs can be reached at its Miami number: (305) 851-2308, or you can email them at support@herbhealers.com

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