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Fulvic - the most essential nutrient on our planet

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Fulvic is possibly the most essential nutrient on our planet. Dr. Carl Sandgrin stated, “If I had to choose between the liquid mineral (fulvic) and electricity, electricity would have to go.” Other scientists have claimed, “There would be no life on this planet without Fulvic”.

Fulvic, commonly called Fulvic Acid, is involved in all living functions in the human, animal and plant kingdoms. A few of the many major jobs Fulvic does in the body is to transport nutrients directly into cells, remove toxins, provide electrolyte energy, increase assimilation of beneficial nutrients and increase the activity of enzymes. What this means to the consumer is a reversal of many diseases, fewer colds, and flu, calm children with increased focus in school, sound restful sleep, and a healthy strong immune system.

Fulvic is the main reason the company Vital Earth Minerals came into being. Years ago the founder of the company was suffering from an advanced case of Graves Disease. She refused traditional medical treatments for several years, because of the dreadful side effects she experienced, and began searching for more natural solutions.  In the midst of her quest, she discovered Fulvic.   After taking the almost tasteless liquid Fulvic for 3 days, she suspected it was making a difference. After 3 weeks she knew beyond a doubt that it was making a difference. And within a year and a half, her blood work was normal and she was symptom-free. 

At that time, Fulvic was not well known and was only available through one or two multi-level marketing companies.  So, in the year 2000, she decided it was time to put this miracle substance on store shelves at an affordable price so the public could experience firsthand Fulvic’s long list of amazing benefits.


- Replenishes key electrolytes and re-mineralizes the body

- Enhances the body’s ability to detoxify and remove harmful compounds

- Heightens energy and feelings of well-being

- Promotes sound restful sleep

 - Boosts mental clarity, focus, concentration, and balances mood swings

 - Strengthens immune system function

- Decreases food cravings

- Supports healthy hormone balance

With the realization of how Fulvic impacts and enhances the performance of every nutrient it comes into contact with, Vital Earth Minerals went on to develop a highly targeted line of formulated liquid supplement products  … all using Fulvic Minerals as their base ingredient to magnify absorption and assimilation. The addition of this miraculous ingredient, along with only the best ingredient forms, assures that Vital Earth’s products surpass the effectiveness of most others on the market.  And to top it off, Vital Earth products win taste tests every time.   Even for our toughest customers… Kids!

The public is now coming to realize how a lack of Fulvic Minerals in their daily diet is the root cause of so many diseases that are suddenly and mysteriously growing to epidemic proportions. Children having heart attacks on the football field was unheard of in the 60's and 70's, but so common today that defibrillators are in most schools. Children with ADD are the majority now. Adults with normal healthy hearts are suffering from arrhythmic heartbeats … high blood pressure … high cholesterol, obesity … the list goes on and on. 

Diseases that were previously considered rare started increasing at an alarming rate about the same time Fulvic began disappearing from our fruits and vegetables. Coincidentally, that was about the same time modern, chemical-based factory farming was taking over.

As a supplement, Fulvic is extracted from plants grown in fulvic rich soil. Plants uptake Fulvic into their structure through their root systems.  But on massive factory farms, the synthetic fertilizers and bug sprays that are used heavily kill off the naturally occurring Fulvic in soil, making their produce terribly Fulvic deficient.  These mineral deficient plants that do not contain enough fulvic to nourish the body properly.

If your diet doesn’t include primarily organic produce, you can be assured that getting proper mineralization will be difficult. Supplementation with the same plant based Fulvic that nature intended to be in your diet is a natural solution.

Another of Fulvic’s key benefits is its ability to detoxify body tissues; something we all need due to the environmental challenges that surround us all.  The added chemicals and stress of modern life, toxins in our air, water, food, and even noise pollution all challenge our body’s rejuvenation processes and are dragging our immune systems to an all-time low. 

Fulvic provides an exceptional solution for keeping all those environmental dangers at bay because of its ability to flush heavy metals, chemicals, pollutants, and preservatives from the tissues.  Today, supplementation with the right natural products that nourish as well as detoxify, is simply a necessity to maintain vibrant health. 

Fortunately, Vital Earth Minerals' high quality, properly extracted Fulvic, is readily available in most health food stores across the country, or on-line. It's hard to believe that 1 ounce a day of these beautiful golden colored, mild tasting minerals offer so many varied health benefits. Visit the Vital Earth Minerals website for more information:  www.VitalEarthMinerals.com.  

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Photo courtesy of Vital Earth Minerals

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