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Fuel Your Aerobic and Fat Burning Power

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Fat and carbohydrates are our main source of energy for exercise, activity and daily living. Fat often gets a bad press and this draws us away from the role that fat plays in our body mechanics and energy reserves- we have misguidedly demonized “fat”. We are all designed to store some fat- there is no escape from that! As well as being a vital source of sustainable energy, fat or adipose tissue maintains or supports organ function, forms part of the structure in our brain cells and central nervous system, regulates our hormone production and helps to maintain our core body temperature (plus lots more). Generally, for a female, fat stores should be around the 20-25% marker, and 15-20% for males. Whichever way we look at it, fats are not the bad guy- it is how we utilize and maximize the fats we store that makes all the difference to our overall health and body weight. Here we look at a few ways you can fuel your fat burning power.



1.    Interval training

When we focus our sights on fat burning potential it is vital to remember that we want to burn fat but not lose muscle. Extreme diets that overly limit our main sources of energy and fuel only counteract the natural processes of our body mechanics. Interval training incorporates a weave of both low-moderate intensity activities (aerobic) with brief intervals of higher intensity exercise. This is a popular and valid method for kick starting your metabolism and enhancing your cardiovascular capability. The key thing to remember is that interval training can be adapted according to your particular level of fitness. 

As an example, you can walk at a moderate pace for 4 minutes and then include 30 seconds to 1 minute at a slightly faster jogging pace, you would then repeat this cycle for 20-30 minutes. This approach challenges your aerobic capacity and can synthesize more fat for fuel- it emphasizes aerobic activity so that the proportion of fat to carbohydrate used is higher. As your fitness or aerobic capability increases- so does your fat burning potential. 


2.    Morning Workouts!

There has been evidence to suggest that our fat burning potential is greater in the morning. Exercising pre-breakfast can potentially oxidize more fats because we are utilizing energy from stored fat rather than from a meal 2-3 hours before activity. Of course, be mindful of any pre-existing conditions, morning exercise is not for everyone but it can help to give that energy boost for the day ahead and you will continue to burn fat for at least an hour or two after you have finished exercising too! Morning workouts are better for short periods of activity/workout sessions of up to 30 minutes. A longer workout of an hour or more without adequate fuel can affect what energy stores we use as fuel and potentially tire us out rather than ignite us for the day ahead. 



Essentially, the "Diet & Exercise" pathway is not sustainable unless your metabolism is first primed to burn fat for fuel. Humans are meant to burn fat aerobically; this is why we store virtually unlimited amounts. Even the leanest athlete has more than enough fat reserves to complete a 100 Mile Run or Ironman Triathlon if they can tap into this potent energy source. 



Over the past 20 years, a small but growing group of athletes across all sports have defied the conventional "Carbohydrate centric" approach and incorporated Vespa and its Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) program to achieve winning performance while improving their health and fitness. Until recently these performances were dismissed, however, now there is solid science to demonstrate we may have been mistaken all along. Fat is not the villain we have learned to fear but it's the inability to metabolize fat due to an overabundance of concentrated carbohydrates in the diet. 

How did this happen?  Because of well-intended but misguided science which resulted in the US Dietary Guidelines humans have veered far away from their natural evolutionary physiology. 

Vesta Amino Acid Supplements are all natural and stimulant free, providing safe and natural energy for you to maximize your fat burning potential.




YOU are meant to burn fat for fuel and VESPA, Nature's Catalyst for Optimizing Fat Metabolism is a powerful tool to help you get your body back to burning "Fat as fuel" as Nature intended. 

  • Vespa helps to "jump-start" your fat metabolism so you can get through a workout without bonking or stave off hunger cravings. 

  • The ingredients are a synergistic blend of Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and the Wasp Extract Peptide combined with water or orange juice and ph balanced (for food safety) using citric or ascorbic acid. You don't need a university degree in Organic Chemistry to read the ingredient list!  

The word "Vespa" is Latin or Italian for wasp. The Vespa product was developed as an accidental discovery of nature by two Japanese entomologists who in studying the Japanese Giant Hornet (V. mandarinia), observed it was capable of flying 60-100 kilometers per day and carried a food ball weighing approximately one-third its body weight back to the colony to feed to the larvae. Through a symbiotic relationship between two life stages in insects termed "Trophllaxis" the larvae secrete a peptide containing liquid which the adult wasp consumes.

It is this bio-active peptide which triggers the wasp to metabolize the fat stored in its thorax for energy.  Because animal cells are remarkably similar across species the entomologists hypothesized the peptide would have a similar physiological impact on other animal cells including humans. Studies and trials performed on mice and humans in Japan confirmed their hypothesis. 

Today Vespa is available to the consumer so you can realize the same benefits as elite athletes in tapping into your limitless energy source, and, in doing, burn the fat instead of storing it!


The Vespa Philosophy:

Vespa is an innovation-driven company. “Our philosophy and commitment are to using the finest natural ingredients and most modern manufacturing processes to ensure product quality and efficacy then supporting the consumer with information, not hype on getting the most out of each pouch of Vespa. This commitment led to the development of the OFM program which led to the FASTER Study (Volek et. al.). While the FASTER Study Low Carb Cohort (LC Cohort) were ketogenic during the study it is important to note in the real world they use Vespa and follow the OFM protocols. The FASTER Study demonstrated humans are capable of utilizing much more fat for fuel than the body of science to date suggested....a LOT more!  Our support it to you, the consumer. This is why you don't hear about Pro Athletes talking about Vespa because we don't pay them. Athletes who use Vespa use it and endorse Vespa because they believe in it!”. 

Our "Real People, Real Results" approach profiles many Vespa/OFM athletes who have professional careers, husbands or wives, children along with their sport just like you. One main key to their sustainable success is tapping into their limitless supply of fat to fuel their daily lives as well as their training and competitions. 

You don't have to be an endurance athlete to enjoy the benefits of Vespa, because daily LIFE is the ultimate endurance event!


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