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Alternative Remedies for Immune Support and Vitality

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We think of aging and the general wear and tear we notice on our bodies as a natural part of life, and essentially it is- but what if we could do more to support our body so we minimize the risks of chronic illnesses, diseases, and even the common cold?

There is always something we can do to improve our wellbeing, whether it involves taking up more exercise, changing the way that we eat, drinking more water, or just aiming to get a more restful night’s sleep. And if anything, we should be doing more to help our body as we age, because that is when we need it most. So, we don’t need to wait for illnesses and infections to surface before we take some action, by being proactive you give yourself the best chance of a stronger immune function, for vitality and longevity.



Why is immune support so important?

Your immune system is fundamental to your survival.

The strength of our immune system governs our ability to protect itself, to heal, renew and regenerate. All biological functions work as a synchronized team to keep us healthy; with a weakened immune system the body’s ability to defend itself and heal falls short and this impacts our cells, tissues, proteins, hormones, and innermost processes- and if we cannot heal then we simply spiral into further weaknesses and imbalances. Our white blood cells are like our “warriors”… they circulate through our blood vessels and pathways and distinguish what is foreign, or an invader to our body and swiftly set to task counter-attacking the target.


How can you strengthen your immune system?

The best way to support and inspire a stronger immune system is to give it some focus first and foremost- think about where you can improve and make the necessary adjustments. For instance, if you exercise regularly, this lends a powerful hand to your immune system…but if you also smoke and drink more than the recommended guidelines then you may be undoing some of your good work!



As always, aim to find natural solutions that can help you to be healthier… Here are some vital ways to reinforce stronger immune function:

  • Exercise! Even if it’s just a daily 20-minute walk it can make all the difference to your immune health, as well as support your circulatory, digestive, and other vital bodily systems.

  • Don’t smoke and limit alcohol intake

  • Eat a varied diet; “eat the rainbow”…add lots of colorful fruit and veg to what you eat, especially fruits and veg that are high in Vitamin C and E for powerful immune boosting benefits

  • Include superfoods like garlic, ginger, berries, nuts, and seeds in your daily meals and snacks and add some probiotic power to boost your gut health too!

  • Manage and maintain your weight- and this is all about eating responsibly!


The important thing to remember is that it is never too late to start looking after yourself, the body has an amazing ability to heal… we just need to give it the helping hand it deserves.

A father-and-son team, Dr. Herbert Warren DVM and Mike Warren, founded Alternative Health Concepts. Their mission is to help heal the world naturally by searching out the latest information and methods of achieving optimal alternative health. They also want to provide the most effective supplements available on the market.

Alternative Health Concepts is dedicated to finding all-natural ways of healing our bodies from the havoc of our environments, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and our nutrient-deficient modern-day diets. All AHC products are sourced from the purest sources on earth and are all natural.

If you have an issue with your immune system, you don’t have to accept this decline as a natural part of aging… you can fight back and actively restore your immune system to its youthful vitality by using Alternative Health Concepts signature product: BioPro-Plus 500.

  • BioPro-Plus 500 is a 100% bioidentical immune system modulator which has no known side-effects or contraindications.

  • This supplement is not a medication, but a drug-free aid in repairing your body’s own natural immune response.

  • BioPro-Plus 500 is a proprietary nutritional supplement which is scientifically proven to increase CD4 cell counts. CD4 cells (also called T-cells) are white blood cells which perform an essential role in your body’s own natural immune system function. Without sufficient CD4 cells, the preexisting disease often runs rampant in your body and you are even more susceptible to new infections.



Find out more here


Who is BioPro-Plus for?

If you suffer from any chronic or acute debilitating diseases, such as colds, flu, Mononucleosis, Epstein-Barr Virus, Hep C, HIV, Herpes Virus, Cancer, or any other viral or bacterial diseases, BioPro-Plus 500 can help you!

Or, if you are recovering from cancer treatment, including radiation, chemotherapy, or other treatments which break down the immune system, BioPro-Plus 500 can assist to restore your natural immune operation. Many clients have come back to tell Alternative Health Concepts that they feel like BioPro-Plus 500 is their “magic bullet”.                                                                                        

BioPro-Plus 500 has also helped to increase the energy levels of people suffering from Chronic Fatigue, and other energy-sapping conditions. When your body struggles to rid itself of disease, it works overtime, leaving you sapped of energy and vitality. 


Modulate Your Immune System with BioPro-Plus 500

BioPro-Plus 500 is comprised of purified, biologically active Thymic Proteins and include Zinc Gluconate and Nano Silver solution, which help to restore your immune system.

These Thymic Proteins are of the same biological makeup as the ones your body naturally produces, making them easily recognized and integrated into your body.


Why Should You Take Thymic Proteins?

You might be asking… how do Thymic Proteins help my immune system?

Humans actually produce Thymic Proteins in their bodies and this production is at its height in your youth. Once you pass puberty, this ability decreases, and by the time you’re aged around 40, this production often stops entirely. Without these proteins, our T-cells become less skillful at detecting disease and are more likely to skip over cells that should be destroyed.

In some instances, this leads to autoimmune disease, where your body becomes incapable of properly differentiating between normal and infectious cells and begins to destroy healthy cells. If you have noticed a rather sudden drop in health around age 40, a lack of Thymic Proteins could be the reason!

“Through a mild biological process, the BioPro-Plus 500 Thymic Proteins are extracted from Certified BSE-free, bovine thymus cells, and then purified as bio-molecules which are fully intact and have the greatest biological activity. We also include Zinc Gluconate, which has been clinically proven to shorten the length and severity of infection from the common cold virus. This powerhouse is then combined with 10 PPM Nano Silver solution, making BioPro-Plus 500 the most effective way to restore your immune system function to its youthful strength” said Alternative Health Concepts.

You may have the utmost confidence in BioPro-Plus 500’s purity and safety, BioPro-Plus 500 is made in the USA in an FDA Registered Lab.

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