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5-minute foods that will make your GF kids happy

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Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is a serious health problem affecting both children and adults worldwide. Parents whose children have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease carry a special responsibility. Not only do they have to be alert to what their children eat at home, they have to try to protect them when they go to school or sleepover.

Celiac disease is the immune system’s reaction to gluten. Gluten, which is found in grains such as barley, wheat, and rye, can cause health problem for kids who have sensitivity to the protein. Create a little notebook in which you can write down what foods your child eats or can eat. If your child is spending a night with a friend, he and his notebook with gluten free food’s guide can go off together. The friend’s parents can consult the information to determinate which foods are safe and which they should avoid.

If your child is starting gluten – free diet, you should explain the diet to him before you begin. Have fun. You and he might prepare the foods together so that your child better understands this diet and willingly participate in it. Now you can easily find gluten-free products and baked goods at healthy food stores or through the Internet. Create your own gluten free ingredients list, which will help you with your cooking. You will have to experiment with new ingredients and perhaps even discover new recipes. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be tricky to come up with tasty meals. Luckily, we have a solution! Read on to find a few fantastic recipes that you can spin together in no time. Here are some great gluten-free recipes.


5-minute recipes that will make your GF kids happy

Here are a few great meals that your kids will enjoy, while satisfying even the most demanding (picky) of ‘food critics’. Try our selection of gluten free delicious recipes.


Gluten Free Avocado Toast with a fried egg by Angela Litzinger


•    Two slices Three Bakers 7 Ancient Grains Whole Grain Bread

•    1 small to medium avocado

•    lime juice

•    pepper and salt, to taste

•    Toast the Three Bakers 7 Ancient Grains Whole Grain Bread


Open avocado. Remove half of avocado from peel and mash on one slice of toast with a fork. Mash second half of avocado on second toast slice.

Drizzle lime juice on avocado and season with salt and pepper.


Six Easy Gluten Free Pizza Crust Topping Ideas by Susan Tucker

BBQ Chicken – Gluten-free BBQ sauce, shredded chicken breast, 3/4 Cup of pineapple, 1 red pepper diced, 1 red onion thinly sliced, 1 jalapeno sliced and diced. Serve on Three Bakers Pizza Crust.

Moroccan Spice Pizza – 1/2 lb. of ground beef, lamb or turkey, 2 tsp. of Sumac, 1 tsp. of cumin, 1 tsp. of Paprika, 1 tsp. of Salt, 2 crushed cloves of garlic, shredded cheese, olives, 1/4 cup of chopped onions. Serve on Three Bakers Cheese Pizza.

Arugula, Fig & Prosciutto – 2 tbsps. of olive oil, 4 tbsps. of fig jam, 12 ounces of sliced fresh mozzarella, 6 ounces of thinly sliced prosciutto, a bunch of arugulas, ground pepper, 1/2 cup shaved parmesan and kosher salt to taste. Serve on Three Bakers Pizza Crust.

Sausage, Balsamic, Onion Pizza – 1 large yellow or Vidalia onion, soaked in 3 tbsps. of Balsamic Vinegar, Butter, 1 can crush tomatoes and shredded mozzarella. Serve on Three Bakers Sausage Pizza.

Shrimp Ranch Pizza – 1/4 cup of gluten free wing sauce, 1/4 cup of ranch dressing, 1 handful of green olives halved and chopped, 12 cleaned and chopped shrimp, and 1/2 a medium onion sliced thinly. Serve on Three Bakers Pizza Crust.

Taco Pizza – 1 pound of ground beef cooked in taco seasoning, cheddar cheese, salsa, two tablespoons of sour cream. You can add extras such as chopped tomatoes, lettuce and tortilla chips. Serve on Three Bakers Pizza Crust.

The great thing about all six of these recipes is that you can use the basic recipe list to design your pizza however you wish. You can also add ingredients to make it a unique gluten free pizza masterpiece not just for your GF kids.


Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns by Angela Litzinger

Three Bakers gluten free Hot Dog Buns and hot dogs for a crowd

Toppings as desired:

  • ketchup

  • mustard – classic, honey, spicy and/or deli-style

  • diced red peppers

  • roasted peppers

  • olives

  • pickle chips

  • caramelized onions

  • sauerkraut

  • crisp bacon crumbles

  • cheese

  • relish – sweet or dill kimchi

  • thinly sliced green onions

  • hot pepper rings

  • chili

etc., etc., etc.….

Grill hot dogs until cooked through. After placing a hot dog on a Three Bakers Bun, top with desired toppings and enjoy!

Serve with melon, fruit salad, chips or potato salad, Cole slaw

Be sure to buy gluten-free versions of all the ingredients listed in the following recipes. Please read labels carefully for your kid's safety.

Photos courtesy of Three Bakers

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