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3 Tips for boosting your Immunity this season!

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As we drift toward spring/summer, it’s a great time to reassess our nutritional habits to ensure we are offering ourselves the best immune protection. The story of life is all about change; the transience of our seasons reminds us to embrace that change. During spring and summer, we may naturally undertake healthier eating habits as the warmer weather inspires us to eat more seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables- but there is always room for improvement! Spring/summer is a time to re-energize and revive ourselves after the cold spell so that we embrace the new season awakened and refueled. We can still suffer from immune ailments and digestive issues, no matter the season.  Gut health directly impacts on the function of our immune system and total health; eating foods that support our intestinal function play a key role so should not be overlooked. 

Here are a few tips to help you toward boosted immunity this season! 

“Your body is the direct result of what you eat as well as what you don't eat” - Gloria Swanson


1.    Food, glorious food. Eat well. 

We often criticize ourselves for our bad food choices, yet we are the only ones that can adapt them for the better. The key thing is that we need to listen to our body- if we feel unwell, lacking energy, and generally off balance then it is a clear signal that we need to transform how and what we eat, as well as what we are doing in physical terms as exercise. We want to engage in the warmer season rather than leave ourselves susceptible to strains, viruses, and bugs. There are many viruses that are active during warmer weather, as many as 50% of them that can be just as impactful on our health. We tend to be more active in summer also- this will deplete our immune system if we don’t take measures to give it a great boost. 

Our immune system depends on great nutrition and the intake of some key micronutrients including vitamins A, B6, C, and E and zinc, selenium, iron and folic acid.



2.    Excess creates stress. Seek balance.  

Our immune system is comprised of a vast network of cells and structures that we need to support their strength. Anything we do to excess - creates stress. The intricacy of our internal settings is based upon harmony and equilibrium-moderation is our friend. Anytime we tip the scales to overload we set off some kind of physical stress within. Of course, this applies to excess alcohol, food, or lack of restful sleep- and even more so if it’s over a prolonged period of time. This may also apply to exercise; if you are constantly working at a high intensity/volume then it may impair your immune function somewhat. Our bodies repair during rest so we need to incorporate a day of rest in between more intense workouts. 

Also, air conditioning can dry out our throat and the protective mucus in our nasal passage leaving us more prone to infection. Stay hydrated and don’t become too dependent on the air con to keep you cool! 

3.    Think of value. Look after the inner you. 

Appearances can be deceiving, we may look well but we don’t know our state of inner health, and it becomes something we take for granted. If we think in terms of our digestive health, it has a primary connection to our immune boosting power. We should seek to add value first in all we do- this includes sourcing beneficial supplements with the potent power to help us strengthen from within. Here are some simple, yet significant changes you can undertake to help add value to the inner you:

  • Take a daily probiotic to support the friendly gut bacteria 

  • If you eat dairy-free or a vegetarian diet, supplements can help avoid deficiency in crucial vitamins and minerals. 

  • Rainbow plate: Eat colorful fruit and veg to hydrate and nourish you!

  • Omega-3 fatty acids help to regulate our immune system- include oily fish at least twice weekly or supplement where needed. 

In essence, we need to roll with the changes, create some of our own, and utilize our capacity to build a stronger immune system, which encompasses our entire well being in its pocket. Xtend Life is leading the way in helping their consumers achieve vibrant health and longevity through the use of pure and natural products. Their mission is simply to use science in order to get the very best out of nature. Here we look at two of their specialty products that have been designed and formulated to build and support immunity with nature and effectiveness at the forefront. 
Immu-Stay supports a healthy immune response to common seasonal ailments and helps to maintain our body’s immune function. This supplement may only be needed for the 3-4 months each year when your immune system is in most need of a boost. Our immune system is our body’s ultimate defense against organisms and invaders that can make us sick, yet with the right focus and support, we can enhance our inner network of immunity. 

Immu-Stay contains:

  • 23 herbs and nutrients to give you the additional support your body needs to maintain and regulate the normal healthy functioning of your immune system (including Indian Echinacea, Black Cumin Extract, and Turmeric).

  • A further 12 active ingredients which form a unique immune-boosting combination

  • Immu-Stay is Dairy and Gluten free 

As we know, an imbalance in our gut bacteria can contribute to a number of health concerns such as bloating, food intolerances, skin conditions, allergies, obesity, and depression. This is because an imbalanced digestive tract is hindered in its ability to properly digest and absorb key nutrients and ingredients found not just in the food you eat, but also in the supplements you take every day. Taking care of our intestinal health becomes even more important as we age and our immune response capacity begins to deteriorate. 


Kiwi- Klenz is a breakthrough digestive formula that has been formulated to help support healthy microflora (good gut bacteria) and bowel function. Kiwi-Klenz supports the absorption of nutrients, which is a key factor in boosting our overall immunity. An added bonus is that Kiwi-Klenz is also suitable for vegetarians.

Kiwi-Klenz contains: 

  • A proprietary blend called Digesten-K - a potent kiwi fruit extract that helps deliver the 4 most critical components needed for healthy digestion. Kiwi-Klenz contains 100% New Zealand kiwifruit including the seeds, flesh, and skin - for optimum digestive health support. 

  • Digestive enzymes - to properly break down food (especially hard to digest meat and dairy protein)

  • Prebiotic - to feed and stimulate the growth of good bacteria

  • Phenolics - to help suppress the growth of bad bacteria and maintain a healthy digestive tract

  • Soluble fiber - for healthy bowel function   

These components work synergistically to enhance the assimilation of nutrients from food and supplements, improve the consistency and frequency of stool elimination, clear out toxins and waste, and help support the overall healthy function of your bowels and digestive system. 

“It's not what you eat but what you DIGEST that makes the most impact on your health! The good news is that rebalancing gut bacteria and boosting immunity is easier than you think – and it is a great first step to getting you back on the road to healthy digestion and better overall health” said Xtend Life.  

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